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Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Published date September 6, 2020 Expired date September 19, 2020
Category Business Administration
Location Kabul city, Kabul region Jop type
Probation Period External Link
Number of Post 1 Vacancy Number
Extension possibility Yes NationalityAfghan
Start Date Education

About Organization

Organization: Afghanistan Chambers Federation / ACF

Position:​​   Chief Executive Officer, CEO 

Reported to:​​ Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Job Location:​​   Kabul

Job description:
General Duties and Responsibilities: In addition to managing the executive affairs and coordinating the activities of ACF, the CEO is responsible for implementing programs related to the policies and long-term, medium-term and short-term goals of the Federation in accordance with the Law on Managing Chambers Affairs and the ACF By-Laws and perform following duties efficiently during his/her tenure:
1. Prepare the strategic plan of ACF and present it to the Board of Directors for approval.
2. Implement the ACFs strategic plan and report on its progress to the board.
3. Prepare an annual operational plan for ACF and monitor its implementation.
4. Develop the required procedures and present them to the Board of Directors for approval.
5. Develop effective mechanisms to attract foreign investment and present it to the board for approval.
6. Lead the development of various position papers and recommendation policies for economic growth and development, job creation, increasing per capita income, and reducing unemployment in the country and present them to the government;
7. Responsible for preparing a comprehensive document in consultation with prominent economic experts and activists and the leadership of the ACF, which introduces the characteristics of the Afghan economic system within the market economy system, according to global principles and local conditions and needs, and clearly define the position and role of the private sector in the countrys economic system. This document will be submitted to the Government of Afghanistan after the board of directors of ACF approves.
8. Responsible to follow the provisions of the Law on Managing Chamber Affairs and the By-Laws of the Federation and establish good relations between the sector Chambers and the ACF management.
9. Responsible for hiring qualified employees with the capacity to work towards achieving the goals and objectives of ACF specified in the law and By-Laws and able to contribute to a strong team-building.
10. Provide useful and constructive advice to the board of directors on issues related to the private sector.
11. Proper management of financial resources and protect movable and immovable assets of ACF.
12. Represent ACF in the meetings, round tables, gatherings, conferences, high councils, and other specialized and economic committees of the government in which ACF is a member, in coordination with the Board of Directors.
13. Effectively represent and advocate for the growth, development, and protection of the private sector through holding press conferences in coordination and consultation with the Board of Directors.
14. Effectively manage the delegated affairs of the certificate of origin that would ensure transparency and boost exports. 
15. Facilitate effective coordination among the different sectors and prevent conflict of interest and unfair competition among the sector Chambers and private sector entities.
16. Responsible for implementing the resolutions and decisions made by the board of directors and reporting back to the board on the works status and progress. 
17. Prepare progress reports on the status of ACFs activities and present them to the executive committee on a weekly basis, to the board of directors on a monthly basis, and to the delegation of the high council on an annual basis. 
18. Organize regular awareness programs on related economic matters and keep the business community updated on the new initiatives and changes. 
19. Prevent any discrimination between different sectors of the private sector;
20. Organize networking events regularly to bring together the business community and government officials and the international community to discuss economic opportunities. 
21. Establish healthy and constructive relations with the leadership of the sector Chambers,
22. Strengthen the relations and coordination between ACF and its counterparts in other countries. 
23. Establish constructive relations between ACF and donors and international cooperation partners to collaborate on economic-related matters effectively. 
24. Facilitate and coordinate the establishment of joint Chambers between Afghan sector Chambers and their counterparts in other countries. 
Performance Evaluation: The CEOs performance will be evaluated annually by the Executive Committee and will be referred to the first meeting of the Board of Directors. The evaluation will mainly encompass the following areas:
1. The ability of the CEO to effectively represent ACF.
2. Consideration of the Law and By-Laws in carrying out day to day activities of the ACF.
3. Ability to manage the AFCs financial affairs and his/her achievements in the effective implementation of the budget and revenue generation.
4. Evaluation of ACFs relations with the sector Chambers, the government, international community, and counterparts abroad. 
5. Evaluate the transparency and professionalism in the CEOs performance. 
Education and Experience: 
The candidate should hold at least a bachelors degree in Economics and Law or other relevant fields. Candidates holding masters degrees are preferred. 
The candidate should have at least 5 years work experience in relevant top-level management positions.
Skills and Abilities: The candidate for the position of CEO should have the following abilities and skills:
1. Professional and competent management skills;
2. Good communication skills
3. Must be fluent and proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in official local languages and English.
4. Should be a creative problem solver. 
5. The candidate should be innovative and familiar with modern management systems and technologies. 
6. Must be able to create a strong, dynamic, and cohesive team and promote teamwork. 
Jobs Requirements:
Personality traits: The candidate for the position of CEO should have the following personality traits:
1. Should be honest, have integrity, a good ego, and a good reputation among the private sector and society. He/She should not have been convicted of corruption, embezzlement, robbery, and public property despoliation.
2. Should have professional risk propensity and properly express the private sectors positions and perspectives on the countrys important economic issues.
3. Able to wisely resolve and manage the conflict of interests among different economic sectors, especially the conflict of interests (Trade and Industry).
4. Should be committed and have the ability to defend the legitimate rights of the private sector.
5.  Must have the ability to cooperate and coordinate with the sector Chambers and strive to comply with the Laws provisions on Regulating Chambers Affairs and Chambers and ACF By-laws.
Submission Guideline:
Note:The interested candidates can send their CV to the following email addresses and within 14 days from the announcement date.

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